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This wind is more than just a gust. It seems that climate change is becoming the greatest environmental problem we have to face. Autumns with unseasonably mild temperatures, early-arriving springs, dry summers, increasing sea levels and recent weather extremes such as devastating floods, storms and coral bleachings tend to be indicators of an irreversible process. Some leading scientists predict that the world´s average surface temperature will increase from 1.4 to 5.80 C by the year 2100, causing huge costs for both developing and industrialised countries. ...

The Perfect Harmony

From the day of our birth, we believe, as if it were something that could be determined by wish or will, that we are the authors of our own history and that our abilities and actions influence our future, and most importantly, that of our children. As soon as a child is born we imagine that he or she will grow up to be handsome and healthy, a strong athlete, a good scholar.

Responsible Pesticide Use In The UK - The Voluntary Initiative

Agriculture in the EU, from heavily subsidised cheap food at any cost during the years following the war, to a more market-led industry, has witnessed many changes, not least in the agrochemical sector. Pressure from minority ‘green’ groups has become mainstream and in the wake of BSE and a devastating outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in the UK in 2001, there has been a perceived need to make all forms of agriculture more accountable.



We live in an expanding universe. Although today this might seem almost obvious even to the layman, it was only about 75 years ago that Edwin Hubble realised, through a stunning amount of experimental work at the telescope, that...